Les 10 commandements du BBQ


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Comedian Sam Breton is determined to set the world of BBQ on fire, one commandment at a time! With his guests, he learns how to assemble a barbecue, decorate the terrace, and even goes to the celebrated BBQ Fest, where they hand out the illustrious “steaks d’or” awards! It’s a pleasure picnic guaranteed to stimulate all five senses. Les 10 commandements du BBQ is a series of web capsules that introduces you to the thrill of the grill, loaded humour and more than a dash of self-deprecation! A whole slew of hilarious guests, including an amazing butcher or two, and the Lavoie brothers of BBQ Québec fame.

Invited guests:

    Stéphane Fallu

    Jean-François Mercier

    Korine Côté

    Mathieu Pichette

    Guillaume Lambert

    Stéphanie Deschamps

    Mathieu Gratton

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom Inc.

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