Le contrat 3 - web


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 10 min.

The Le contrat III game, which complements Season 3 of the TV series, is a virtual platform that allows viewers to continue their television experience on the Canal D website. In this interactive episode, the user is invited to take the place of an assassin in order to execute a contract commissioned by the Italian underworld.

The immersive experience allows the online user to go deep into the workings of the criminal world. In this environment where death and violence are part of everyday life, players must be sure to keep their cool at all times. Getting through the adventure alive requires brains, quick wits, and...a killer instinct.

The game lasts an average of 10 minutes, with the path taken by each particular user leading to a multiplicity of situations. What users decide makes their experience a success...or a nightmare.

The user assumes the personality of hitman Frank Rivard. Carrying out the contract of eliminating Rambo St-Pierre and his girlfriend requires speed, strength, and cunning to find the targets and take them down. Players need to use their power of reasoning to make sure they get adequate information about the characters they meet, the situations they find themselves in and, above all, deliver the goods without getting caught.

In the web component, players are not just spectators, they’re part of the action. You not only choose where to look but you must also take part in the dialogue by choosing an avatar that will help you get ahead or go down for the count...Players select the avatar they think is most likely to unblock the personalized video they need. And time flies! A virtual hourglass scrolls on screen when making a choice to give users a time reference. Choices must be made quickly and instinctively, or a default choice is made for you. And you can be sure the default choice will not be to your advantage!