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Infoman XIX MN


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 10

Still as biting and up to the minute as ever, Infoman, the must-see weekly newsmagazine, is back for Season 19.

This new season will feature 30 weekly episodes, including five specials and one yearend super-special.

In addition to television, the digital component will keep everyone talking about Infoman for the 2018-2019 season. The optimization of the show’s website in recent years as well as the tons of content added to its platform week after week have been building online loyalty like nobody’s business.

That’s why our focus is on maintaining continuity. Season 19 will see a significant presentation of new content on the website, more than enough to sustain public enthusiasm, which remains robust and hyper-active on the TV side as well as online and in social media.

Infoman’s incredible longevity is proof of concept’s eternal youthfulness and to the program’s ongoing relevance in today’s media landscape. The audience appetite for the series is insatiable and undeniable. And our digital component is designed to ensure that the show’s community continues to grow as users interact more than ever with the Infoman team.

The daily news blog

The daily blog provides content related to the week’s program. The diversified postings are closely linked to current events, and are, of course, seasoned with plenty of the refreshing and biting irony the Infoman brand was built on.

The show
This section provides a segmented version of the weekly TV episodes, as well as an “On-the- menu” clip of topics from the next episode. The section is very popular with on-the-go video fans.

On the radar

The Radar section encourages public participation by inviting users to collaborate on content development. Public participation is a key element in the online offer and at the forefront of the 2018-2019 season, challenging the public, especially the keener observers in the regions wishing to share the scoops in their neck of the woods with the Infoman team.

A major presence on social media

Infoman’s presence on and in social media activities continually generates growing interest in the show. During Season 18, followers on Facebook shot up from 140,000 to nearly 165,000.

On Twitter, @infomantv picked up more than 2000 new subscribers pushing the total over the 208,000-mark. Instagram also increased its subscriber base by nearly 4000 to a total of 18,300.


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