If Mountains Could Speak VI - DM (Shuyan: Kung Fu Tournament)


Region: N/A

In the episodic SHUYAN narrative game series we have already created, players know that our protagonist, Shuyan, aspires to be a kung-fu champion. Now, in Shuyan: Kung Fu Tournament, players will have an opportunity to live out Shuyan’s dream, put their skills to the test, and win the title that Shuyan craves.

While the episodic game series includes kung-fu combat scenes, these are always included to serve the narrative. Players’ interest in the kung-fu skills are piqued, but never fully satisfied. This game is all about mastering the kung-fu techniques. It targets a more hard-core gaming audience, those focused on the mastery of gaming mechanics, upgrades, and abilities, rather than the story. While the setting of this tournament is consistent with the Shuyan story and universe from the episodic narrative series, this game is distinct. It will be a bracket-style fighting tournament in which players master their abilities, unlock new skills, and face increasingly difficult fighting opponents until they get all the way to the top. Think Street Fighter or Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

With a robust combat system and rewarding gameplay, this game promises to widen the interest in the larger Shuyan franchise, introducing more players to the other titles already produced and in production.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc.

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