I Spy (With My Five Eyes)


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 90 minutes

I Spy (With My Five Eyes) presents content in a 5 chapter menu broken down into stories about the history of the Five Eyes, cyber warfare and espionage, the chilling effect, terrorists and what the future holds. Each chapter comes with a set of dig deeper videos – users can select where to dive in and out for more. Experts and activists from each of the 5 eyes countries, including the former Director of the NSA and CIA break down the facts.

Inside every chapter, viewers can talk with others around the world about what’s happening on screen, prompted by contextual questions.

The commenting tool is designed to pause the video seamlessly so users can chat without login or leaving the experience. To encourage freedom of speech while respecting privacy, national flags, rather than individual identities, are used to represent users and their comments.

Explorable environments at the end of each chapter provide impactful, shareable stats.

I Spy (With My Five Eyes) reimagines the traditional TV documentary for modern-day online audiences.


Coproduction Partner(s): CMF, NZ On Air, FUMES / DOCUFACTORY , Take Part

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