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History Erased II - Webisodes


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

The History Erased Webisodes will evoke the spirit of the enthralling TV series “History Erased”. Like its hour-long, episodic broadcast counterpart, the History Erased Webisodes will highlight and celebrate game-changing innovations and accomplishments through a unique lens. 

From the origins of a country’s groundbreaking contributions, through to modern science and technology to cultural treasures and outstanding individuals, each Webisode will hook, inform, surprise and delight audiences, leaving them hungry for more.

Voiced by energetic on-camera experts and narration, rare archive, emotive stock footage, stylized graphics and fast-paced editing, each Webisode will be a glimpse into a great moment in time and the fantastic world of History Erased.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Without Nations 2 Productions Inc.

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