Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

The comments made in Fugueuse are disturbing and could lead to some pretty deep thinking on the part of viewers. Unfortunately, the one-way nature of television doesn’t give viewers the opportunity of extending their train of thought once the episode ends. That’s why the interactive strategy will provide the opportunity for the thinking initiated on the small screen, replaying the stronger moments featured in the episodes and treating them thematically. The themes will be linked to elements broadcast on TV as well as on elements drawn from real life. They will establish a correspondence between the reality and fiction by supporting the topics addressed with real, concrete facts, embodied in questions and answers, and statistics, but especially in statements from young people, men, and parents, who had the heart-rending experience of dealing with runaways and sexual exploitation up close or from afar.

Experts – working as spokespersons for Tel-jeunes – will also take the floor to better explain the nature and impact of the actions of young runaways as well how street gangs operate in recruiting them, adding another level of credible information for examining the impact of actions with such serious consequences.

The reality component will sometimes go beyond fiction and reaffirm the importance for users, young or adult, of remaining ever vigilant about this issue, while providing them with answers and resources to guide those struggling with this type of problem – or, better yet, to prevent the problem in the first place.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Encore télévision Inc,

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