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Faits divers II - Médias numériques


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 10 épisodes de 60 minutes

Personnages sous la loupe (characters under the microscope)

The Personnages section, developed in Season 1, is an entertaining tool fans of the show can use to discover a wealth of information about the characters in the series and to better understand the inter-relationships between them. Personnages sous la loupe presents the main Faits Divers characters in an original way that improves with each episode as you follow their evolution in the series.

Dans la peau des personnages de Faits Divers (put yourself in their shoes) interview series

A new feature this season of original video clips featuring characters from the show. Dans la peau des personnages de Faits Divers is a series of six video clips (about three minutes each) of conversations with actors and crew. The interviews are interspersed with highlights from various episodes.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sovitel inc. / Les productions Sovimage inc

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