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Expédition Extrême numérique III


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Each episode is based on the premise of subjecting Francis Bouillon and his guests to an extreme expedition over a two-day period that re-enacts a survival story told by one or more of the survivors, accompanied by outdoor adventurer Frédéric Fournier, a survival expert who coaches them to make the right decisions depending on the environments and obstacles they encounter.

While it is a documentary series where you can learn a lot about survival, Expédition Extrême is also very entertaining with powerful, emotional human-interest stories dripping with adrenaline and exceeding many of the limits imposed by nature. Each episode recounts stories of survival with Quebecers who’ve lived to tell the tale about some of the wildest adventures ever to take place in the province’s vast outdoors.

Tossed into the same environments and equipped the same way as the survivors who testify on camera, Francis Bouillon, his courageous guests, and Frédéric Fournier are given the mandate of escaping unscathed from an expedition that re-enacts what the survivors actually experienced. The objective of the documentary series is to let viewers experience an extreme expedition through the eyes of the guests. This series also aims to inform viewers in an entertaining way about wilderness survival, the different techniques used in the forest, the Quebec ecosystem, and human behaviour in dangerous situations.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lustitia Média inc

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