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Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Is your life really private?

Détectives lets you test just how much your personal information is accessible to anyone who really wants to get it.

The test presents different ways of getting information, whether by accessing your connected devices, personal accounts such as your email or social media, or simply through clues left in your trash or your mailbox. You’ll quickly see that your home, just like your smart devices, is a gold mine for those who want to track you down.

The test is also accompanied by short explanatory videos presenting various investigative techniques, like tracking your movements from a phone, analyzing your lifestyle through your bank statements, compiling information about your friends, your travel, your activities, and even your vices thanks to what you’ve been up to on social media.

Are you ready to find out if your privacy is secure, or, if on the contrary, it can be read like an open book?


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