Bruno & Boots Prank Power Play


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

In this suite of 2 mini-games, players blast, bounce, tinker and assemble their way through some of the greatest pranks from the "Bruno & Boots" movies. Driven by point collection through interactive game play, kids across the country can climb the daily leaderboard as they help Bruno & Boots perform hilarious pranks. 

In Cannon Craze, players launch various items over the heads of unsuspecting Macdonald Hall and Scrimmage Academy students. Bounce the items off of the students and other object to get as far as possible. The farther the launch, the higher the score, but watch out for a mess (and Headmaster Sturgeon!) if you let the launched item hit the ground!

In Scheming Schematics, players must race against the closk to assemble various components to build an awesome pranking contraption. The orders are simple at first, but each round grows more complex with new items and combinations required to assemble the pranks. The more pranks you prepare, the higher your score, but be careful when the countdown clock reaches 0!


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