Bond of Strangers - The OpHusky Digital Media Experience


Region: Western

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: n/a

A Digital Media Component associated with the Television Component of the documentary “Bond of Strangers – The Operation Husky Story.”

“Bond of Strangers – The OpHusky Digital Experience” takes viewers deep into a journey through Sicily during the original OpHusky mission in 1943 and the 70th Anniversary Remembrance Trek in 2013.  The User Experience utilizes substantial video and other resources recorded in 2013 but not used in the TV Component. The UX is anchored in three main elements: a map-based experience of the geography of Sicily along the route taken by OH1943 and 2013, the dates and times of events from 1943 and 2013 and the people involved in 1943 and 2013, with a focus on those in 2013. At each of 31 stops, Viewers can select from contemporary or archival text, audio, still photos, videos, archival film, interviews and map information to engage in the historic events of 1943 and the 2013 Remembrance Trek. A contributing writer award-winning author Mark Zuehlke.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Remembrance Films Ltd.

Coproduction Partner(s): Hootalinqua Motion Pictures Inc.

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