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Be Curious


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2020

Duration: 25 minutes

When Dom wakes up alone and sick inside his bathroom, he has only one mission: to figure out what has happened to him. Looking at himself in the mirror, it becomes clear that he’s been through an ordeal. Hacked together tech sticks out of his head and his vision twitches with a digital glitch.

Exploring his apartment for clues, he encounters the AI and an enigmatic digital clone of himself: UDom. As the search for answers continues and the mystery begins to unravel, Dom finds himself navigating through a world of provocative and edgy cinematic realities. Needing to escape and regain control of his mind, Dom and UDom team up to inhibit the AI and its idealistic/overly logical quest to direct man’s future.

Uncovering the secrets that have held him back Dom and UDom race to put things right only to discover that there is more to the mystery then meets the eye. As things come to a head, Dom is faced with a choice that will affect not only himself but also mankind’s future.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Be Curious Productions Inc.