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Aiguilleurs du ciel - L'expérience

Games, Web

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 15 minutes

The number of flights increases continually while the number of airports stays the same, making for air traffic congestion that just keeps getting worse and worse. How is this hellish situation managed in such a way to ensure the safety of passengers and crews? That’s where air traffic controllers come in.

The Aiguilleurs du ciel platform is a serious mini-game experience to better understand the little known profession of air traffic controller. Users begin with a quiz-game, inspired by the actual training entrance exam for air traffic controllers, to test their own knowledge and skills. Users then gain access to four control centres (ground, airport area, take-off, and in flight) for all transatlantic flights, like Montreal to Paris for example. Each centre has a specific application (mini-game strategy or thought process) to comprehend the challenges of airspace management. To help users complete their mission, each mini-game is preceded by an animated video about the issues, restrictions, challenges, and ways to control the zone where they are assigned.

As they make progress, users unlock additional content to add to their media library.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Ideacom International Web

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web

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