21 jours II - MN


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The 21jours.ca website is the online component to the 21 jours documentary series broadcast on TV5 Québec Canada in spring 2016 (Season 2) and fall 2014 (Season 1).

Thanks to an “incubator,” the web component provides more depth to the daily lives of the “guinea pigs.” This unique space tracks daily changes in the journalist guinea pig using different physical and psychological indicators, accompanied by brief comments on certain key moments in the adventure. To complete each experiment, an exclusive video confession, filmed a month later, provides a post-mortem where the journalist guinea pigs provide feedback on their adventure. In this way, the 21-day digital experience delivers a veritable complementary experience to television viewing.

For the second season of the show, the platform is enhanced with an exclusive interactive 7th video on an absolutely fascinating subject: amateur wrestling. Viewers can discover this new subject from a whole new angle.

Using the same visual codes and graphics as on the television episodes, the 7th episode provides a similar experience for the small screen, but by using a set of original interactive mechanics for presenting different facets of the same reality, puts the user at the centre of the experience. The viewpoint presented is no longer that of a foreign guinea pig following passively along. Instead the user is the guinea pig the 7th episode!


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